About AL

Born from the idea that every girl needs a staple pair of lashes; think your go-to lashes! As a cosmetic chemist/makeup artist, April would get frustrated as she watched her beautiful makeup looks get ruined by her client’s incompetent pair of lashes due to their poor knowledge about a good pair of lashes. Triggered by this inadequacy, she started to do her research at her day job and found that mink lashes were the best thing on the market. She loved the way they looked, how flattering they were on the eyes and their 3d effect. She had her aha moment, and April Lashes was born. AL are trendsetting, innovative strip lashes created to fit every eye shape, and fit for every occasion. Our invincible lash band is one of the many reasons April Lashes is so heavily desired among our clients. Check out our Instagram page (aprillashes)